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Lara, the founder, designer and innovator of many influences in the jewelry fashion industry scene since 2007. She began in the European design fashion and Jewelry world where she is well known for her talent in developing modern jewelry pieces and turning them into works of art. While utilizing a combination of acrylic and plexiglass materials to create the highest quality of excellence in her Jewelry designs.

Lara Glam collection is known for its modern, one of a kind and futuristic designs in acrylic crystal Jewelry. The quality of craftsmanship that goes into creating every piece of Jewelry, reflects our belief that the pieces are to be viewed as collectible, modern heirlooms, that will stand the test to time with fashion trends long into the future.

Each piece of Jewelry we create is made of the highest grade quality materials. With all our designs made with genuine crystals, highest level grade Acrylic material, semi-precious stones and 925 sterling silver chains.

Thank you for visiting our collection and we looking forward to serving you.